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The RR Kabel Aluminium Armoured Power Cable is a highly durable and reliable option for high voltage power transmission. Its armouring of high strength aluminium wires provides superior protection against mechanical damage, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. With temperature resistance up to 90°C and a voltage rating of 1100V, this cable is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is tested and certified to meet international safety and quality standards, ensuring safe and trouble-free operation. Available in various sizes and lengths, the RR Kabel Aluminium Armoured Power Cable is a trusted choice for power transmission projects.


  • RR KABEL make Power Cables, Solid Aluminum conductor upto 10.0 balance stranded conductor, XLPE Insulated, cores laid up, PVC tape inner sheathed for Multicore Cables, Unarmoured / Armour (1. Single core Cables ‐ Aluminium wire upto 70.0 balance Aluminum strip, 2. Glavanised wire for cables upto 2Cx10.0, 3Cx10.0, 4Cx6.0 balance all galvanised steel strip), extruded PVC Type ST2 sheathed, 650/ 1100 V grade as per IS 7098 (Part 1) 1988. (HSN Code : 8544)

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